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From medicinal powder hit king contend for hegemony to surpass those who see act

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Chinese wushu came loose 2003 contend for hegemony surpasses dozen of king to pull open opening in Shaanxi, immediately arose this year super come loose dozen of king —— Liu Hailong. Review Wu Tan, medicinal powder the professional match that hits contest of king contend for hegemony to regard China as top level, the actual combat technology of players reachs match experience, be worth professional personage or draw lessons from. View battle, get the better of practice one year, the article will choose a part from which the experience on outstanding technology movement and field undertakes analysing, with period help somewhat to lover.

One, cautionary pose. When both sides confronts each other, we can see players are chela calcaneal is raised almost, use chela palm touchdown only, and keep move, facilitate fast advancement, regressive; The rear foot becomes the rod of the centre of gravity that prop up, whole pose already firm and solid nimble and rapid. Chela is kicked attack make the main way that notchs directly, create favorable opportunity for the following movement, and the effect that the leg that prop up regards heavy leg as to often remove do with sb unconscious.

Before the position of double fist is put naturally at the shoulder commonly or before the bosom, and unlike boxing protects the head mainly in that way. Place double fist to be able to assure to give fist, case at any time at will archives or hold in the arms fall, the muscle that also can prevent humeral ministry at the same time is unapt beyond the mark insecurity. Medicinal powder in playing the game, boxing force cannot be compared with the heavy fist photograph of set-to, because prohibit using a leg in boxing, centre of gravity is firm, give a fist to be weighed; And come loose to make a motion and be used, the sudden change of centre of gravity limitted power giving a fist, so the fist creates an opportunity to have a leg more.

2, throw a law to give priority to. Fall nearly become medicinal powder one of main shifts that the other side causes to fall down in hand match. Although be advocated in the match far dozen fall nearly, but be opposite intensely often is to hitting dozen of move to be together with respect to cuddle in wrestle, throwing a law at this moment is the only a magic weapon that active aggression notchs.
Shine fall, carry fall, stumble fall, twist fall wait for all sorts of falling ability should send force for an instant when standing by the other side, do with sb unconscious, ability be successful; Wait for the other side otherwise preparation is adequate, antagonism force photograph judge, develop hard. Will tell commonly, before two bureaus are unfavorable with fall, because bilateral physical strength comparatives, each are prevented somewhat. When physical strength of the other side drops, reaction captures an opportunity to make fall personally nearly again when movement of logy, occurrence error, often can win instead of lose, control the rhythm on field.
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