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From medicinal powder hit king contend for hegemony to surpass those who see act

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Avoid to fall down at the same time as far as possible when trip the other side, what because that will be each other,do not notch is infructuous. The player that has experience so is in when be together with cuddle of the other side, often reduce oneself body focus, in an attempt to is firm, or closely cuddle the other side, till juridical departure.

3, law of genu of make free with. Medicinal powder hit contest of king contend for hegemony to allow to use genu to atttack the other side, in playing the game, this comes loose in blame profession is illicit, if apply,genu bumps proper, its force absolutely no less than persistently strength is very on tick off a fist. In the process with cuddle of the other side, genu law prevents opposite party effectively pester and throw a law, can give the other side serious blow. Carry genu should forward upper part, back down in order to force the other side. When the genu standard that meets the other side, need forward bend body, with its genu is being pressed below the fist, make oneself are avoided suffer inflict heavy losses on, while genu supports, should make for other charge method covering.

4, hind come back kicked application. Come back after kick the leg is placed after saying again, it is a kind of speed the leg law with fast, fierce force. Action of a few feign attack should coordinate in using a process, in order to puzzle adversary, do not make a motion directly as far as possible, lest the other side takes advantage. Additional, drop in physical strength, below the condition that behavioral speed decelerates, do not do extent to come back greatly as far as possible kick, be held in arms by the other side likely already otherwise leg trip, may not dominate focus again and proper motion trip. In that Liu Hailong's high to treasure force tournament, after willow is written down because of his, come back to kick and bring about oneself to fall down, not only cannot cause menace to the other side, instead oneself lose cent.

5, from beginning to end is low sweep a leg apply. In the match, stick the ground to although use frequency,sweep a leg less, but next suddenly in the cuff and kick with violent the other side crouching sweep attack, still can cause menace to the other side. Medicinal powder in hitting king contend for hegemony to surpass, head on backstroke is a kind of the most commonly used form, sweep a leg to regard the tactical sex leg of avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point as the law, also should be in lure enemy when attacking, use, make its impossible to defend effectively, but the continuity of the firm sex that must assure oneself and movement.

6, boxing foot is used. In the match of same level, if bilateral actual strength differs not quite, so attack and defence with a kind of movement only very bad immediate get the desired result. Especially advanced a few bouts, bilateral the other side of do one's best is rapid and knockdown, physical strength is used up and not quite, should avoid the front to suffer at this moment attack, use kick leg more, edge leg undertakes holding back, boxing foot wants land of alternant, random criterion by natural percussion, do not make same motion again and again, lest make,the other side takes advantage.
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