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From medicinal powder hit king contend for hegemony to surpass those who see act

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7, place of stroke crucial point. The crucial point place in the match besides the regulation ban attack position beyond, it is the head, abdomen and costal region ministry 3 point are weaker, weigh a fist or the other side can be weakened to atttack ability inside short time, direct even get victory, and place of vital part of this 3 part or the significant position that increase check the number. Divide this beyond, wait for both neither to be able to control the revolt of the other side effectively like ministry of bosom, leg, hip, suffer the attack of the other side possibly again, do not notch certainly. So, in the match cannot the motion that pretty force makes wasteful sex, can consume oneself physical power only in that way.

Wushu comes loose in hitting the match to live unlike reality without regular tussle, but their purpose is same, get the better of by physical strength, intelligence and ability steal namely. So the expression of the athlete in the match is pair of audiences undoubtedly people set an example personally, hope broad wushu lover can be benefited from which.

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