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Medicinal powder the principle of 6 big psychology that calls strategy

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2, integral principle
Say: The person that “ be apt to is sought, seek situation. The person that not to be pooh-poohed is sought, seek child. ” ” of this “ situation, it is overall situation and whole; And “ child ” , it is local with the part. Coming loose in hitting antagonism, fast battle quick decision is worth to advocate admittedly, if encounters well_matched adversary, want by “ one fist vanquish the enemy of one leg ” , no less than “ tiger's mouth-jaws of death unplug tooth ” , very bad get the desired result. Contrary, arrived the at the last gasp of the match, often be the argue of bilateral spirit and volition. Look occasionally from notched angle, it is to delimit do not come, but from save physical strength, do one's best will look on the ruse that knockdown finally adversary gets the better of is economical. This kind goes up from whole and not be from local come up measured principle also can be gone after completely. In other words, medicinal powder call strategy apply, want to be able to turn round passive situation only, win strike active advantageous position, lay a foundation for last victory, although boxing foot is temporary suffocate suffocate, also be worthiness. If adversary is about to back down, you show flaw intentionally, lure its to attack. Be just like when be in business first lose money in business and gain reputation, each other sends first when play chess one child overall situation of to in an attempt to is waited a moment actively, be this kind of thought reflect.
3, timely and measurable principle
Timely and measurable principle is to point to apply medicinal powder what adversary mentally should master when calling strategy is certain bear proper limits for speech or action. Have a bit strike experience person, perhaps can have such experience, come loose namely hit antagonism to be atttacked directly rarely, all employ movement of shift of the line of sight, body, hands or feet to wait, so as to entices adversary to make redundant defense motion and extemporaneous charge. Accordingly, of ruse make should hold the bulk that gives adversary stimulates a volume especially, avoid its psychology negative charge mix not as good as excessive. If exciting capacity is insufficient, can't make adversary is maintained, cause the reaction of some respect; Exciting amount is too large, make adversary lays qualm suddenly possibly again, ” of peep show of get behind “ , have contrary result. So “ is shown form lure enemy all sorts of empty in ” are enrolled must true, while if tremble,the shoulder delivers an a punch before develop a condition, the instant of the leg that play a side carries a leg to turn the movement such as coxa, only bona fide “ attacks his to save ” surely, ability brings adversary into play to enter “ decoy ” . Additional, come loose correctly the taking that calls strategy often still presents can't afford to lose the opportunity, lose the status that comes no longer, if an again fine athlete missed opportunity for combat, likely ” of person of “ be enslaved to be enslaved to. Because this is in,apply medicinal powder in making ruse process, must accept timely, comfortable affection, measurable principle.
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