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Medicinal powder the principle of 6 big psychology that calls strategy

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4, careful principle
Extensive of “ day net, scanty and do not leak ” . Set seek as establishing a network, 1000 Lv are broken, fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort. Any ruse are actually impossible also to the queen's taste, beg in helping somebody attain his aim only comprehensive, at 10 thousand in changing, beg changeless, can remain invincible.
The author thinks, the most important is to should distinguish primary and secondary, be not is a try to attend to big and small matters all at once. That is to say, on the foundation that enrols in An Xueqian, should a few hands belong to adroitness truly ” of oneself “ unique skill. Although ” of these “ unique skill cannot resemble fierce forest name Su Guoyun is deep in that way with “ half pace dies boxing ” and be famous in Wu Tan, but at least should “ somewhat depend on ” . “ somewhat “ of ability of depend on ” is unapt defeat ” surely, and I can develop personal strong point adequately however, “ makes a person and do not make at person ” . Way of fist of for example adversary is good, you should have the capacity of the leg law dominant position that draws Sunday run him play to it, fight a fist blindly personally nearly with adversary otherwise, it is “ beggar and the Dragon King compare treasure ” undoubtedly. Additional, emphasize holding to careful principle, still contain ” of “ hide one's capacities and bide one's time, the meaning of own actual strength is concealed before contest, below the condition that underestimates oneself in adversary namely, “ does not cry criterion already ” , “ cries ” criterion the adversary of conquer of situation with one action with thunderbolt be furious.
5, discreet principle
“ is not hit battle off hand, do not hit unassured to battle, every battle wants do one's best to have preparation, do one's best is in enemy my condition contrast issues those who have a victory to hold ” . Carry out a proof, the principle of this military affairs of my army also is a common law. According to account of some wushu magazine, the king ” Li Xiaolong of “ kongfu often with numerous strike before ace compare notes, always study the color of the art of attack and defense in wushu of adversary wholeheartedly, the kinescope when buying their game at high price even brings inspect and learn each other's work. I think, plum so “ hits small Long Zhi the world does not have adversary ” , profit from of all without exception he the ” before the “ of ” of meticulous in a subtle way surpasses this kind of “ intends the work. Although “ bosom friend knows those difficult ” easily, but know its to grow only, its grow ” of ability “ curb; Know its are short, ability attacks its theory. Otherwise, the circumstance is unidentified be equal to the blind to ride blind horse, inevitable everywhere ” of “ be rebuffed.
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