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Medicinal powder the principle of 6 big psychology that calls strategy

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6, strange get the better of a principle
Fierce adage cloud: “ fist does not know, the foot is kicked do not prevent. ” means no matter fist or foot are kicked, not only pain of be particular about is sharp, with be being hit quickly slow, should notice to apply “ to attack its not to have equipment more more, ” of do with sb unconscious this kind of military strategist in ancient China weirs. “ battle attacks and defence nevertheless, the law is strange nevertheless ” . What is meant by “ strange ” ? What is meant by “ ” ? Still do not have unified view. In a word, convention is used enrol even if, abnormality applies ability to surprise namely. We often use for example low an adversary of leg law aggression, these “ are low a leg law ” it is “ namely ” . Wait for adversary to form thinking after calm situation, we again with head of adversary of assault of ” of law of “ exalted leg, ” of these law of “ exalted leg are “ strange ” . Anyhow, exceptionally with unexpectedly to connect closely, complementary photograph bear, can amount to exceptionally unexpectedly, and unexpectedly to want likely exceptionally. Be not attacked only and show in order to attack, be about to attack and show do not attack; Be like take and do not take, be like what be not taken and take; Resemble inevitable and otherwise, resemble otherwise and inevitable, ability makes adversary is hard put to cope with, be at a loss /
Of course, strange by going out. “ the basic technology that ” it may not be a bad idea hits than coming loose, basic technology is only adept, face a stand facing each other to just may be in be able to achieve success one way or another, show resourcefulness in an emergency. And with “ strange ” , it is pair of “ greatly the meet an emergency of ” , otherwise, one can't make bricks without straw, do not know to use, is Yan Zhi used strange?
What “ applies is clever, put ” of of one mind, it is one kind comes loose likewise call strategy, if disregard ground of external state of affairs to be moved to death,cover forcedly, do not imagine what “ casts by ” of his “ actual strength to die the ground is born after that, the deathtrap of defect puts ” after that, result not only did not cause “ with one's back to the wall ” , touch psychology to;burst;ulcerate;fester namely instead, cause disastrous defeat finally, even injury and body. Come loose besides dozen of ruse is broad and profound, station of author even if is made in ” of “ psychology angle some shallow taste pre-test, also be oneself only talk, only endowment referenced.

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