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The summary is a basis with theory of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu, carry long-term practice and the investigation to the expert, summary is coming loose dozen of method that " uses to be apart from time of poor " , " to differ space of " , " to differ " in hand actual combat, analyse the effect of its characteristic, rule and generation, study its effective training method, make contemporary medicinal powder hand training is more intuitionistic and have specific aim, rise quickly medicinal powder the technical level of the hand and athletics ability.
The keyword knocks ability, actual combat, the distance is poor, time is wrong, the space is poor, characteristic, the effect, train a method
A Discussion Of The Characteristics Of Applying The
Spar Of " Distance" , "Timing" And " Space" In The San-shou Fight And Its Training Contermeasures
Abstract Based On The Traditional Sparring Theory, by The Long-time Practice And The Investigations From Experts, the Spar Of "distance" , "Timing" And "space" , applying In The San-shou Fight Was Summarized. Their
Characteristics, regulations And Effectiveness Were Analysed, and TheirEffective Training Methods Were Studied In Order To Make The Modern San-shou Training More Perceptible And Aimingly. Thus, the Technical Level Of The San-shou Spar And The Competitive Ability Of The
San-shou Fighters Were Improved More Quickly.
Key Words Sparring, fight, distance, timing, space, characteristics, Effectiveness, training Method
Foreword wushu comes loose the hand is already old young sports project. Begin from fast ancient, our ancestor needs because of what live and develop, from catch in killing the embezzle between prey, production tool and mutinous tribe to wait for long-term social activity, accumulate and abounded " of art of fistfight of of all kinds " , among them bare-handed fistfight art is contemporary medicinal powder the source that the hand moves, have on the long history of all ages.
As a result of historical reason, hand motion came loose to stop 30 years after founding a state, just was able to accede afresh 1979 and develop, was formal match project certainly 1989. Regard fitness of a collect, defense as the athletics sports at an organic whole, time has a few years only. The formation of hand technology system and the systematization that motion trains, scientific to coming loose sex, specific aim still need research, summary and raising of things to a higher level. As to theory of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu, our forefathers already had had quite pithy treatise, if photograph of " false or true is unripe " , " is strange long Diao Leng of crossing-over " , " smokes Shan Jingqiao of " of mix the false with the genuine of " , " , " to take " , " to walk off with " to wait. However, because of its character Jian Yisui, understand not easily, also take its true meaning hard in actual combat. The article tries to be a basis with theory of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu, from inside the practice of training and match, summary gives those who apply " to be apart from time of poor " , " to differ space of " , " to differ " to make a way, analyse its characteristic, rule and effect, study its train countermeasure, to come loose the training of the hand has specific aim more, to come loose the technical mode of the hand to " method the way of " of energy of good, technology develops artful, effect of some of academic side discuss.
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