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The rape new strain that by China oil-bearing crops institute breeds farming div

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2. The 2 characteristics that apply time to need dozen of way and poor " of effect " time are to show both sides of stand facing each other is finished attack the margin that defends behavioral around time relevantly. Alleged and relevant attack defend an action, namely those attacks me to defend strike back, or I attack those to defend the " of the mutual correlation that strike back " of a bout. If the other side launchs attack, I am attacked in its before action law is given out or later undertake striking back, master the " opportunity " that strike back ably, it is the key that time difference makes a way. Theory of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu borrows like " situation hit take advantage of an opportunity of situation " , " to change dozen of " , " to walk off with " of make use of an opportunity to do sth of " , " , " to just was before his force, soft by him the " after force is waited a moment, it is the high summary that uses time to need dozen of way and academic sublimate undoubtedly. Apply time to differ dozen of law to have the following characteristic and effect:
1) multiplies skip over of person old force, give strike back black just come to nothing with right leg aggression, diamonds takes the advantage of his to fall the instant of the pace kicks a leg quickly to strike back with right horizontal stroke its genu ministry, it is OK to need not be measured energetically more black square knockdown.
Capture this time to undertake striking back having a few advantages: Above all from mentally, because the person that attack actively attacks failure, have not adjust after psychological be thwarted, had not turned by aggression consciousness namely relieve defends consciousness; It is the force action because of the movement next, centre of gravity is in unbalance condition; It is to atttack leg firm fall to the ground to cannot be changed into moreover defend pose, so " gives by " of skip over of person old force strike back the success is led extremely tall.
2) multiplies the person's situation, force diamonds that rents a person to be attacked with right strong fist, towards the left of black general plan shines, diamonds comes to nothing because of aggression and centre of gravity falls to pitch, black just take the advantage of this opportunity gently a batch diamonds trip, receive with " the admirable effect of " of 39 batches of hoisting jack.
3) was not sent by person strong force give nick is black square purpose with face about the right aggression that place a leg, during diamonds takes the advantage of its face about fast with nick of right kick leg its are coxal, clever ground will be black just kick.
This captures strong force of " of the other side to did not send the ongoing travel of " to strike back namely, can create the pressure of adversary mentally above all; It is adversary is lying next the ready state of aggression having a leg, thin leg is propped up, core list, a leg that this says on boxing chart just about the truth of half sky, once get the action of outside force, with respect to very easy trip.
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