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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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The summary is coming loose sky of the " in the hand is become no matter " is to be in aggression, in still defending, be inevitable. To how preventing the occurrence of oneself " sky when " ; Search sky of " of the other side to be mixed when " force air of occurrence " of the other side when " ; The opportunity that how uses the " sky that the other side appears to attack the other side when " , strike a law; "The relation of the distance that attacks and defence when " and both sides for nothing, speed did discuss systematically in the round.
The keyword comes loose hand, become for nothing, aggression, defend, search, make, distance, speed " sky is become " is to coming loose dozen attack, prevent the leak that in confronting each other, appears, also call " flaw " .

Coming loose intensely hit the mark, both sides moves ceaselessly footstep, the distance changes ceaselessly, "Also appear ceaselessly when " for nothing. When aggression, "The time that reveals when " for nothing is longer, can create counterattacking opportunity to the other side. What because move to give the opportunity of the leg,master in defend is not accurate, time prevent speed to also can appear slower " sky is become " , be attacked the 2nd times by the other side be hit. Coming loose hit " sky to become " cannot avoid, no matter be aggression, still defend, want a movement to notice quickly, well and truly, in time to defend, answer quickly after aggression prevent, successive perhaps aggression does not give the other side counterattacking chance. Movement of the requirement when preventing is little and fast, judgement is accurate, fast homing wants after defending, preparation deals with adversary the 2nd times to attack, perhaps be strike back ready-made. Anyhow, make the time that " sky reveals when " shorter had been jumped over, area Yue Xiaoyue is good (expose " sky to become of purpose " except) .
The " sky that appears when 1 aggression is become "
Coming loose no matter be to kick,hit the mark, dozen, fall, take, use method of which kinds of aggression to always can " sky reveals the other side when " .
1. 1 leg attacks a law to attack occurrence " sky to become "
Exemple 1: Armour uses second of left leg kick medium, hanging wall, second towards the left (right) dodge. If second dodges,succeed, armour is major " sky can expose second when " . If second dodges backward, when armour receives a leg, rapid follow-up takes the advantage of second when the leg that armour attacks returns ground of downfallen firm perhaps contact, the two arms of armour still are put before the bosom, right now of armour be duped, below dish it is " sky " . If the defensive position of armour is put outside mandible, of armour medium, below dish it is " sky when " .
Exemple 2: Armour falls with second of low leg attack dish, the medium, hanging wall of armour is become with respect to sky of meeting occurrence " " . When after armour is attacked, reclaiming, the follow-up after second defends, chest-protector of armour two tactics, right now of armour be duped, below dish it is " sky " . If armour defensive position protects mandible, of armour medium, below dish it is " sky when " .
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