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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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Anyhow, prevent on, cannot prevent below, prevent next not preventing to go up, "Become for nothing " cannot avoid.
1. The " sky that aggression of 2 fists law appears is become " .
Exemple 1: Armour uses abdomen of second of the stroke that tick off a fist, of armour be duped, below dish it is " sky " . After second is held back with the arm, perhaps hold back atttack armour head or crus with straight fist, fourth leg at the same time, fist of OK also and regressive escape uses kick leg or the tall leg such as edge leg atttacks armour medium, hanging wall, the effect is better. Because armour uses the attack that tick off a fist, the distance is closer, right now second uses fourth leg or straight fist attacks armour relatively appropriate. By meanwhile the attention of armour is in stroke second dish, one fist hits out, before another fist is put to the bosom, facial expose second with crus, second hits nail with straight boxing right now facial can hit, if second atttacks armour crus effect with fourth leg the meeting is better. Because small and fourth leg action is quick, low and short, two people are apart from closer, hair leg concealments the gender is good, use right now so appropriate. Armour progresses ahead be close to second, the leg of armour must load the task of the body that prop up, right now, carry genu defends or back down suddenly dodge very not agile, the possibility that is hit so is larger.
Exemple 2: Armour straight boxing makes second head, the abdomen of armour, head and lower limbs are become with respect to sky of meeting occurrence " " . Because armour wants to hit second, must shorten the distance between two people, right now two people are in the distance that hits the other side, when armour gives a fist to attack, another hand chest-protector, of armour be duped, below dish it is " sky " , if armour protects a face additionally single-handed, of armour medium, below dish it is " sky when " . If armour gives boxing power not quite, second defends strike back but be successful.
Anyhow, in actual combat discovery attacks occurrence " sky to become when " , want the time right and wrong that reveals when " to " sky, area size and the angle that oneself are in, whether benefit at striking back, use which kinds to strike back the circumstance such as the method make judgement quickly, decisively, again fast effectively atttacks the other side.
Avoid by all means discovers " sky is attacked blindly when " , take no account of the consequence that hit out to whether be opposite oneself are advantageous; Or each field requirement hits out to oneself very advantageous, lose opportunity for combat as a result of aggression vacillation.
1. The " sky that 3 aggression throwing a law appear is become "
Armour holds second leg in the arms when forward progress, right now the medium, hanging wall of armour is " sky when " . When forward Fu body returns armour to did not contact second, the both hands of armour is extended downward, must expose second the facial, bosom of armour. Right now, what second uses shell of straight fist meet head-on is facial, can hit. When contacting second leg like Jia Gang, after side is mixed, the facial left and right sides of armour is carried on the back even if " sky is become " . Right now, second is used smooth tick off armour of the fist, attack that take a hand side of facial left and right sides, at the same time towards the left (right) side is rear turn, the effect is better. Because to side rear face about, force of one facilitating hair, 2 can dodge of armour hold a leg in the arms.
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