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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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No matter which kinds throw a law, must the ability after bilateral contact is used. When the other side should be contacted or just was contacted, "Should expose necessarily when " for nothing come out, want right now ad cool-headed, sober, decisive strike back can get favorable result.
1. The 4 " that when capturing, appear are become for nothing "
Use take a way, two people are apart from must closer, want the point of view of the action method that uses according to the other side and aggression right now, wait to strike back quickly with fist, ancon, genu. Boxing home people say: "Good take be inferior to hitting " opportunely. The rate that takes a way and the look that make a way is more than should be being gotten slow, the characteristic that takes a way is to take one, 2 joint, control its whole body, make its aching and be subdued. If do not let contact of the other side, firm to square steel perhaps contact has not produced the power that takes a way, strike back the " sky of the other side is in when " quickly right now, perhaps strike back according to the take advantage of an opportunity taking a way of the other side, can get favorable result. Because the other side is eager to hold a certain joint, attention is taking a way centrally, and be apart from very close, "Expose when " for nothing more apparent, defend poorer also, strike back right now so the result is favorable.
For example: Armour from side when the rear head that take second, right now the head of armour, the office such as bosom appears " sky is become " , right now second uses an ancon suddenly to atttack armour head, can stronger hit the other side. Because right now of armour before the back that the hand circles to second, preparation grabs second head, left hand also actively cooperates, body focus is frequent reach, defend the network is main nonexistent, so second armour of abrupt meet head-on can make armour unawares and be hit at this moment.
Be like again: Armour captures hale of second hand Xiang Huaizhong, want to use take point to, take the action way such as wrist, attack before second take advantage of an opportunity, in the meantime, the top that bend ancon hits nail medium, hanging wall, make Nafade is less than armour to develop and be hit " sky is in when " . When pulling second because of armour, the medium, hanging wall of armour appears inside empty, another hand when second is being pulled in Jia Xianghuai should cooperate actively, right now second borrows inertial and forward pounce, accelerated forward rate suddenly, bend ancon aggression at the same time, make armour unawares and be hit.
Anyhow, the method that should attack according to the other side, direction searchs its " sky when " , the aggression with fast take advantage of an opportunity.
The 2 " that when defending, appear are become for nothing "
Coming loose hit the mark those who defend is again close also can appear " sky is become " , especially the meeting that sky of the " when skill, case giving a leg is blocked exposes when " is more apparent.
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