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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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2. 1 arm is prevented on occurrence " sky is become "
Armour is atttacked with straight fist or head of feign attack second, wear on second left arm, the right hand protects mandible, of second medium, below dish it is " sky when " . If second right hand protects costal region, of second be duped, below dish it is " sky " . It is better that armour uses another hand right now or leg law atttacks second " sky to be in the effect when " . Because armour atttacks second head, second is prevented when going up, attention is centered in hanging wall, defensive position protects mandible. Armour receives a fist quickly to wait for second of the attack that enrol a law with straight fist or edge leg medium, below dish, can hit.
2. The " sky that 2 arms appear when horizontal before the bosom case is become "
Armour is atttacked with straight fist or bosom of feign attack second, second uses left arm towards the left (right) case is blocked, before right fist is put to the bosom, of second be duped, below dish it is " sky " , it is better that armour uses a fist right now or sky of " of leg attack second is in the effect when " . Because right now second case is blocked when, the body lets brachial roll, attention is centered in prevent dish on, right now armour converts quickly on second of attack of method of another kind of aggression, below dish, can make second unawares and be hit.
2. The " sky that the case below 3 arms appears is become "
Armour falls with second of the attack that play a leg dish, second core drops, issue case armour crus with small arm, the sky of medium, hanging wall occurrence " of second is become " , armour atttacks second with law of another kind of leg or boxing law right now effect of medium, hanging wall is better. When be being blocked because of the case below second, attention is in centrally prevent below, the arm also falls move, sky of " of medium, hanging wall exposes armour necessarily when " , the leg that right now armour attacks is forward be born, atttack second head with clap at the same time, can hit.
2. 4 hind admire dodge dodgy " sky is become "
Armour uses head of straight fist second, after second thes upper part of the body, admire escape, right now of second medium, issue dish of occurrence " sky when " , the leg that while armour thes upper part of the body reclaim with the fist, is used before body carries a leg quickly or man kicks second to fall dish, can hit. After thing upper part of the body because of second, admire, escape comes fist, the leg that can be second to strike back rate is rapid and after doing not have, remove, right now, armour kicks second crus, second receives a leg to had had not enough time, as a result of after thing upper part of the body, admire, influence line of sight, rely on to feel reaction nature won't be particularly agile completely, the hits second crus with very can so relaxed armour.
Anyhow, when aggression brains should regain consciousness, first time aggression comes to nothing the " sky that should be good at watching opposite party is become " , also can be in the first aggression, to the other side with respect to anticipation what place can appear " sky is become " , the 2nd aggression just called in in first time aggression, or when call in completely, hit out quickly. Additional, be apt to wants to force adversary to expose " sky with feign attack when aggression when " , false or true of true and false, change not is measured, the effect will be much better.
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