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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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3 search and make " sky become "
3. 1 search " sky to become "
Search " sky coming loose namely when " hit the mark search the other side to defend weak link and defend appearing flaw. Confront each other in both sides in, before the other side is attacked, have a bit move beforehand, right now the " sky of the other side is met when " expose apparently come out, be certain " sky is grabbed quickly when " attack, perhaps strengthen defend, after waiting for the other side to attack, strike back the other side can get favorable result. In attack in preventing, should be good at searching " sky when " , capture opportunity for combat to strike back the " sky of the other side is become " .
3. Sky of 2 production " is become "
3. 2. L forces the other side to show " sky to become "
When aggression, the other side wants to make defend accordingly movement, according to reflex of this kind of condition, with different feign attack specifications, force the other side to defend, and while the other side defends, must meet occurrence " sky is become " . If armour uses boxing empty to shake second head, when second prevents, medium, below dish " sky is met when " expose come out, right now armour atttacks second quickly medium, issue dish of meeting to get favorable result.
3. 2. The 2 the other side that entice are attacked and show " sky to become "
Sell flaw of purpose, the other side that entice is attacked, capture its " sky to strike back quickly when " when the other side is attacked. For example: Armour two tactics is apart, this calls " to open wide the " that greet a visitor, lure enemy aggression, hit with boxing when second when armour is facial, lower limbs is become with respect to sky of meeting occurrence " " , right now armour mask at the same time, kick attacks the leg that second progresses ahead, can hit. Be like again: Armour progresses ahead, had done defend preparation, when the aggression that need second, use quickly defend turn over checkmate.
The concern of 4 " air when " and distance and speed
"Having close relationship when " and distance for nothing. Two people are in mutual everybody attacks bos locally, sky of nonexistent " is become " , two people distance is closer, can hit the other side with the fist each other, right now two people have " air when " . Shorten who causes the distance, who creates " air actively namely when " person. Armour progress has two kinds of objectives: It is active aggression, be close to second so; 2 it is aggression of the second that entice, the " sky that searchs second is done when " defend strike back.
For example: Armour progress makes second head with boxing, second is a bit regressive, the distance of two people spins use boxing bos each other locally, but the aggression that use a leg can be hit, who to see have a leg first at this moment, whose rate is rapid, who can give a leg to hit the other side quickly. Be in passive situation when oneself, can shorten be apart from or protect " sky when " . For example: Bilateral distance is closer, the " sky that the other side atttacks him with edge leg is become " , defend right now already had not enough time, can be close to the other side quickly ahead, make leg of edge of the other side cannot get play, narrowed him " sky is become the area of " , fasten the leg that the other side should attack, make its leg hair does not exert oneself come, perhaps be far from the other side, make aggression of the other side comes to nothing.
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