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Theory medicinal powder the sky of the hand is become

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"Mix when " for nothing speed is to having close relationship. "Appear when " for nothing, the rate of progress and stroke is slow, still beat bos each other. Be like hanging wall of second of armour feign attack, second defends movement already made, "Also show when " for nothing, but armour aggression rate is slow, not only beat bos each other, strike back can be hit by the other side. The ancients cloud: "" of speed is too important in war.
Anyhow, the " air that should be searched and makes opposite party is become " , adjust distance, fast aggression. The distance is changed again, the method of aggression also wants to be changed subsequently. The adjustment of the distance can expose " sky when " , still can protect " sky when " .
Coming loose hit the mark to should master and use good " air when " , should understand in attack in preventing, fall to appear easily in what circumstance " sky is become " , and exposed time is longer, the area is larger. The other side should be forced to expose a " sky in aggression when " , attack quickly next. At the same time occurrence " sky becomes both sides " is grabbed when attacking, should notice to defend. The judgement when defending wants accurate, skill, give a leg seasonable, the " sky that has protected oneself is become " , strike back the " sky of the other side is become " .
Accomplish: Enemy if attack, grab attack become for nothing. Enemy if defend, feign attack the other side. Defend do sth in the proper way, strike back in the right way. Ostentation flaw, lure enemy be duped. Adjust a distance, production sky is become. Progress quickly, aggression in the right way.

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