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By time difference is coming loose hit the mark apply

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(4) armour kicks second body with edge leg left (right) side, when the foot should contact second, second is again abrupt make defend movement (2min a group of) .
Requirement: Should by arrive gently heavy, by arrive slow fast, by brief arrive numerous. Defend when the exercise lax often be hit, this is hard to avoid. But, not flurried, impatient, judge each aggression of the other side seriously, long experienced meeting gets favorable result.
The time of 2 aggression is wrong
Namely when feign attack, the other side make defend after the movement, convert another kind of instant difference that attacks behavioral stroke the other side. Perhaps hit the other side quickly before the other side reacts.
Exemple: Head of second of feign attack of armour straight fist, second skill case is worn, armour straight fist calls in remove a leg quickly to atttack second lower limbs. When does armour have leg assault, this is crucial link. Armour feign attack, second still is done not have make prevent on movement, armour has a leg at this moment premature, hit not easily, because second does not have the judgement that makes a mistake, energy is made prevent to leave an action.
Armour feign attack, prevent when second on the movement already ended, armour has leg assault at this moment, second can be done the 2nd times immediately defend. The aggression of armour can fail.
Armour feign attack, make when second defend after the movement, still do not have the arm contact that attacks with armour, at this moment, armour receives the leg since the fist to attack is optimal opportunity. Because second prevents time keeping, attention is in centrally prevent on, right now medium, below dish become with respect to occurrence " sky " , the distance of two people is in what can hit each other locally, right now, armour has leg assault quickly, can hit Party B.
Exercise method:
(Head of second of 1) armour straight boxing, second make prevent on rapid conceal holds the armour after the movement in the arms second double leg, second redo is prevented throw an action (20 one group) .
(2) armour carries genu in the leg forward, when second carries genu to defend, armour left leg is rapid be born, the leg that lifts genu when second is down be born, when contacting the ground, left leg kick attacks second to go up since armour, in dish (30 one group) .
Requirement: By arrive slow fast, move beforehand when feign attack largish, aggression is not impatient.
3 defend strike back time is differred
Namely aggression of the other side, I defend, wait for the other side to aggression ends or be answered when preventing, I strike back the other side. When the body that also can attack firm him contact in the other side, strike back quickly.
Exemple: Lower limbs of armour kick second, second carries genu to defend, when the leg of aggression waiting for armour reclaims, the leg since second atttacks armour. When does second strike back, this is crucial link. The aggression of armour has not ended, second has leg assault blindly, with respect to meeting and the leg barge against that armour attacks, hit the significant position of armour not easily right now, attack at this moment premature.
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