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By time difference is coming loose hit the mark apply

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The leg that armour attacks already was answered prevent, attack at this moment too late. After because armour is answered,be being prevented capable to defend the aggression of second, perhaps attack second again, make second defends strike back failure.
Lower limbs of armour kick second, second defends, the leg that attacks when armour reclaims firm fall to the ground perhaps is reclaiming in road, counterattacking at this moment is optimal opportunity. The leg fall to the ground that attacks because of armour is returned not stand firm or when reclaiming, the foot still does not have be born, one leg props up the body, "The comparison that exposes when " for nothing is apparent, defend ability is the poorest when, right now second counterattacks, in needing undoubted.
Exercise method:
(1) armour is right head of straight boxing second, sword arm of left fist suitable armour is rapid after outward case blocks second left arm Xiang Jia is facial pound (30 one group) .
(Leg of 2) armour left kicks second prothorax, after second is blocked with case of right small arm or be being held back kick armour abdomen quickly with left leg (30 one group) .
(Pace of advanced actual combat is 3) left leg exemple. Armour left leg jumps place of kick second ham, second left leg reclaims, at the same time left small arm issues the leg that case armour attacks, when waiting for armour left leg to reclaim, second jumps with left leg the left thigh place of kick armour, the reentry after armour defends is attacked, as above relapses. OK also place of kick abdomen, bosom (30s ~ 2min a group of) .
(Head of second of 4) armour straight boxing, second conceal defends at the same time, with abdomen of next straight boxing armour.
Exercise 2, 4 it is to be attacked at the same time almost, also make grab pat or take offensive together, difficulty is greater, time difference masters must accurate, after training repeatedly, achieve automation, just can use.
Requirement: By arrive slow fast, take the action of aggression together, must defending the circumstance lower part with perfectness technology can practice, counterattacking speed wants fast and strong.
4 etc pat with grab pat
Etc pat, aggression or feign attack the other side, wait for its to make defend when the movement, accuse each other again. Aggression of the other side, you are made after defending accordingly, wait for the other side to answer defend not firm when counterattack the other side.
Grab pat, when the other side is attacked, below the case that has not made the menace to oneself, hit the other side first with rapidder rate, perhaps fall in bilateral confronting circumstance, attack suddenly before the other side reacts.
4. Of 1 aggression etc pat with grab pat
4. 1. 1 etc pat
Armour takes half aggression second quickly: Feign attack is pat partly, method of another kind of aggression is pat.
Exemple: Second of feign attack of armour straight fist is facial, wait for second to prevent when going up, armour receives the leg since the fist quickly to atttack second bosom, abdomen or lower limbs hits the target rate is higher.
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