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By time difference is coming loose hit the mark apply

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Because of armour feign attack, second does those who give a mistake to defend, right now second appears inside empty, the 2nd aggression of armour already ready-made, differ the arm that second defends reclaims, sky of " of fast attack second is in when " , can hit.
4. 1. 2 grab pat
Armour takes aggression second quickly, starting rate is rapid, did not move beforehand, second is hit before second reacts. Two people are in in confronting each other, ceaseless commutation angle, change distance, when Party B occurrence " sky is become when " , the circumstance that in the body each place did not premonition issues Party A, abrupt " is grabbed take " offensive, give leg stamp before the other side reacts, make impossible to defend effectively of the other side.
4. 2 defend strike back etc pat with grab pat
4. 2. 1 etc pat
Armour takes offensive slow: When second attacks a hind leg to just reclaimed, armour aggression.
Head of second of armour straight boxing, another hand protects costal region, second is held back with the centre of the palm, when fist waiting for armour reclaims, second fist atttacks armour quickly facial can hit.
When reclaiming because of armour fist, another fist protects costal region, the sky of facial occurrence " of armour enters the " sky of armour to be in when " continuously when " second fist, make armour unawares and be hit.
Armour takes aggression second slow: After second is attacked, the leg reclaims want be born, had not contacted the ground to just perhaps contacted the ground, when still doing not have stand firm, armour aggression.
Exemple: Second kicks armour with edge leg facial, armour is held back defend, leg waiting for second reclaims when wanting be born, armour uses mat situation kick leg kick attacks second in dish can hit.
When the leg that attacks because of second wants be born, after attention is centered in aggression time in preventing, foot not before be born, "Empty when " more apparent exposure gives nail, it is second defends right now the most fragile when, at this moment armour strikes back can get favorable result.
Armour and second are same take offensive: Second aggression, armour is defending attack second at the same time.
Exemple: Armour of second straight boxing is facial, after armour thes upper part of the body, admire, kick second crus with fourth leg at the same time, the effect is better.
Because of second straight fist will be hit when armour is facial, attention is centered in hanging wall, reach of centre of gravity, make the foreleg is in right now flashy carry genu to defend degenerative perhaps not agile, and be apart from closer disadvantageous observation to fall dish. Admire after armour at the same time the fourth crus that kick second needs in undoubted.
4. 2. 2 grab pat
Armour takes aggression second slow partly: Second sends fist, leg to attack armour, when the menace that has not constituted pair of armour, armour takes the second in attack first. The leg since armour is a bit late, but rate is rapid.
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