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By time difference is coming loose hit the mark apply

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Exemple: Second hits nail with boxing facial, when the pace on the second such as armour just delivered an a punch, armour has leg kick second suddenly medium, below dish can hit.
Because second wants to adjust a distance before hair fist, when the fist after the pace on second just was given out, with armour the distance already had been adjusted, attention is centered in hanging wall, centre of gravity has not done reach between two legs, it is the optimal distance of the leg since armour and opportunity right now, abrupt aggression can hit nail first second.
Coming loose hit the mark master good time difference to be able to accomplish: Have one's head screwed on the right way, ad cool-headed and sober. Enemy retreat into me, enemy retreat me to bite. Firm and not slow, fast and not random. True true and false is false, empty the actual condition is true. Attack is strong, methodological clarity.

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