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Medicinal powder make a technology 8 element

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Wushu comes loose the overall demand that makes a technology is OK reduce is fast, long, heavy, accurate, firm, without, vivid, artful 8 words.
(one) fast
Fast, it is to show the action that finish is quick. Boxing adage says “ hits slow ”“ fist quickly to be like meteoric ”“ to send a leg to be like archery ” , only apace hits out, ability achieves “ to be sent first first in ” and “ are late first in the blow effect of ” . Sharp list reacts fast, movement is mixed quickly now displacement is fast 3 respects.
Reaction is sharp, arrive from observation, judgement namely operation movement, thinking is rapid and nimble. The cloud when active aggression searchs opportunity for combat, production opportunity for combat, use time sky to become, behavioral sky is become, hit out quickly. Defend when striking back, the other side is about to move know he wants to issue what action well and truly, undertake defend or defending striking back thereby, change opportunity for combat quickly.
The action is quick, namely movement from begin to be started hit a target, finish inside the shortest time as far as possible. Using boxing law, leg method, fall law and when all sorts of combination are enrolled repeatedly, below the circumstance that assures quality, the speed of the movement that finish and the rate that change an action want fast.
Displacement is fast, namely the shift of the body wants rapid. Medicinal powder hit stroke motion undertakes in ceaseless and mobile condition, the direction with body pose mobile condition, distance, angle, position wants proper, this is the premise condition that assures to atttack behavioral result. Body displacement basically comes true through footwork. Alleged “ pace is flabby a boxing chaos, the pace is unhappy what slow ” tells a fist is this truth.
(2) long
Long, be when pointing to movement of the aggression that finish, want to have extend sex. Attack sexual action, in centre of gravity, fulcrum solid premise falls, each joint that need to participate in an activity as far as possible extend, coordinate motion ahead, enlarged the cannon-shot limits that him firepower nods already so, increased the other side to give out behavioral difficulty again, this is “ grows one inch, the truth of one Cun Jiang ” .
In technical training course, no matter be to do,attack a practice for nothing, still do target of the bag that hit sand, hand, foot target to practice, ask to put long attack far, form good momentum to finalize the design.
(3) heavy
Heavy, the technical important place that is respect of power of the movement that finish is begged. Chinese wushu comes loose dozen of more exquisite “ with ”“ of artful get the upper hand of with making force ” opportunely, pioneer a technique model make a way. But, these and movement need work force not to contradict. Artful, it is with the capacity that integral technology uses character; Heavy, the force manage that is pair of single acts.
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