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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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In former days Thailand boxer, the form that compare connecting with the boxing skill and today disparate, dexterity and wisdom are essential condition. Be in especially this century is earlier, spar still uses means pestering hemp, very for general collect fist is confused have deep love for. After from the fist contest suffers modern game to make regular limitation, boxer is needed two wear a glove, wind of traditional the art of attack and defense in wushu model thereby gradually blank. The beautiful form craft of boxing home takes the place of before, see hard already nowadays, gimmick of Chinese boxing of West of boxer majority put sb in a very important position, the ability of leg ancon, already retreated for deputy component, depend on physique effort and enemy contend, the law applies Sai Qiao and ability to see repeatedly indigent, your person sighs with emotion.
This phenomenon is after 60 time, send more apparent, so, wise man of world of a few fists, be like the generation of authorial teacher Chen Zanjie, without incorrect tradition prediction of a person's luck in a given year of marrow of be on the wane of horny art spirit, Chinese boxing expresses deeply regret, go-between of appeal fist bound comes to force revive boxing art, safeguard a country to love precious and traditional Wu Feng.
Showing the inclination in boxer actually is be caused by of progress of spar compasses exemple, with now the wushu match of sports form and theory, peaceful boxer craft and battle force, its reach discipline scientificly to change training and the arena technology with practical, hot firm and strategy highly, already by accepted strike for freedom highest domain and mode, its value need not is oppugned, because of this profound knowledge, it is the theory that passes test gain countless times and result.
Tactics of 1. strategy ·
Boxer is in all sorts of adroitly attacking to defend a technology later, be about to learn to fall in case of arena actual combat, the use consecutively of all sorts of strategies and tactics.
Because rely on physique, effort only, fight heart and boxing ability, can't give what boxer succeeds to assure, putting the actual combat arena that dies infirmly by force to go up, knowledge and resourcefulness are the key of success or failure repeatedly.
This falls elaborate, it is peaceful fist arena get on all planting strategic tactics and tactical hang essentials.
One, boxing law beard is ripe
Skilled fist law is crucial, especially left leave a fist, need can applicable, aggression meet head-on all has admirable efficiency. For example left bring attack join right attack continuously, call 1~2 double hit, arrogate to oneself of a famous player this fist law person count deeply more.
Left leg of enemy arrogate to oneself plays a way, can send the left faze that leave a fist, the right hand stays behind get side, this law but block up his rule, make its enter situation suffocate suffocate. The clever attentively of left fist depends on can be being carried offend the enemy, multiply chaos of meaning of its heart impetuous, reoccupy right fist or right-and-left leg attack.
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