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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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Encounter enemy force to force, can use the different accept a challenge that leave a fist, and battle and retreat, circuitous dodge, your the other side is defeated situation lose a point, beat to chafe lose one's head.
2, compose oneself
Stable mind must endeavor before appearancing, do not have dread undisturbedly. Boxer goes out first, have mentality of alleged heart stage fright more, if cannot overcome this state of mind, extremely likely not battle is defeated oneself.
Countermeasure doohickey is to be in before contest when ceremony type sit quietly, the silent in the heart reads aloud 1, 2, 3. Should make delay Song, or lengthen graceful dance, abracadabra, to mind calm, just now accept a challenge.
Face enemy during, do not understand other people aspect, must stare at adversary closely, focus beautiful is in order to surround highly over the rope.
3, own capability
The terrified when fighting, rash it is boxer big fear, implicit coach directive fights to also be not law of be apt to, boxer must be used wisdom, situation of war situation of voluntary support by coordinated action.
Battle head bureau, appropriate observes the enemy, measure its actual strength; Careful its Chinese boxing, conclude enemy Chinese boxing case (be like fast attack model, retreat attack model, technology etc) reach make free with why to be planted after way, can use proper tactics to answer.
4, the offensive that connect a fist
Encounter enemy threatening come back to atttack even the fist, action is accurate and strong, I need to consolidate guard, the conceal that swallow a bosom is gotten, double arm is carried high stand fast, wait for enemy adjacent, can use block of left pedal foot, or return fire of concede Hou engine. If send what left leg plays its body chunk, or with the left snipe that leave a fist, hind again keep out of the way, lure enemy act vigorously to enter, send suffer me to assault arbitrarily.
5, right fist will
To adversary of right fist of battle make free with, appropriate uses periphery tactics, ceaseless brandish left leg kicks its knee joint to come between cheek predestined relationship, likelihood general enemy kick to grovel, left fist or left ancon Ju send again between. Long under battle, because of,the other side needs sword arm frequently in leg and do his utmost to convoy and cannot move, reason bends house ahull and be defeated.
6, left fist will
Encounter arrogate to oneself to make left fist left leg enrols boxer, the most effective tactics is to use right leg as far as possible, kick side of its costal region or left arm suddenly, make its cannot be sent attack. This art a key to do sth wants, tightening an official at itself defence, hand not low, hit possibly otherwise by enemy pretty fist, even nobbler.
7, overbearing model
Enemy if style is overbearing, concussion of arrogate to oneself, pester and cast throw tactics, in answering a method the most effective person cut of the ancon that it is approach is hit, but check enemy offensive.
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