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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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If belong to picket of right situation fist,gist is adversary, can send left ancon to develop its side door continuously; If fasten different situation, use right ancon intercept. Need to be in enemy strong close when start, when be seleted, stand to hit block with genu, cut its staying power. Cope with this model Chinese boxing, must drill good physique effort, just can support press press power, turn over an ancon action to was not moved, already subdued by the enemy.
8, juggling with the feet
Pedal leg technology comes it is important to be, in attack in defend all have use extremely. For example is forced come by adversary back stage actor, can carry an arm to protect come, lift sufficient pedal at the same time enemy chest, borrow reactionary force to swing to surround a rope. Should shrink leg genuflect, enemy be close to not as good as, the bosom in standing to be carried on the head by my genu, this ability holds concurrently can resist action of genu of the other side is pursued and attack.
9, leg general
To boxer of leg of battle arrogate to oneself, must insist to ensure start off is defensive, gaze allows enemy leg to kick when coming, leg of escape shaking a body sharp edge, if itself rate is rapidder, can send left pedal leg, step enemy stomach abdomen or ham, enemy be about to use a leg, I turn over pedal to already came first, enough makes bend of those lose power and influence drops, reach effort damage, this is get the better of tactics with be being sent quickly.
If with spar leg will, answer multi-purpose low sweep a leg, attack its Ma Bu, sluggish its activity, its show watch carelessly phantom, start pretty boxing to enter namely. Need ad cool-headed accept a challenge, enemy leg is kicked to, appropriate avoids its sharp edge, leg of carry full court enrols place to avoid let, not when in order to bring fist or its balance the faze that shove a hand, hinder its leg attacks tactics. Many famous legs will, all because carelessness is harum-scarum and fold fall at bang hand fist.
10, fast attack model
Enemy suffering is to be attacked completely model boxing hand, anticipate the enemy, it is beautiful dealing with a method is to use circuitous tactics, first drop back is attacked, wait enemy is entered repeatedly turn without result, imposing manner weak, my criterion is defended instead to attack. Do discontinuity to strike back so, to enemy already became a spent force, can make then.
11, wisdom will
If the other side belongs to wait for one's chance boxer, retreat in order to advance gets the better of arrogate to oneself person, I am rushed intrude into, give those fight back good chance. For example I force started in June attack a fist, enemy multiply me then drop back, sign up for me with boxing leg. Accordingly, write down hand of pair of battle wait for one's chance fist sincerely, need halt front line, wait for enemy move first, with Jing Yingjing, be like enemy impatient and unusual appearance, change take active charge, already broke law of battle of adversary special skill, its a stratagem which ensures success is decreased greatly thereby, long battle manages disadvantageous position surely.
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