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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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12, genu general
Boxer of genu of arrogate to oneself, use more approach band to tighten adversary, genu of Shi Falian annulus bumps into a method, the method that tear open solution has different inside story, famous fierce house has recipe each. Part advocate put with double hand push, make enemy's rear area is retreated; Partial criterion still at be being surrounded the neck is pulled when dragging, connect ancon intercept, or instead hold enemy neck horizontal stroke procrastinates, send circle move cannot to use genu. Have more adopt way of breach of rules, namely enemy surround when applying genu to bump, I am contained head before touch greet, can defeat its appearance, cost space comes close, the judgment is aware of hard, have again emphasize Fu body to use approach ancon former enemy the law of ham, terribly is evil.
In specific strategy side, cope with boxer of genu of arrogate to oneself, appropriate uses periphery intercept tactics, maintain a distance, kick with leg of on any account continuously, make its inapproachable. Enemy be like Jiang Ren, can use pedal leg block first its are entered situation, come back namely backtrack, enemy attack rule is unbalanced, can brandish tall leg kicks, beard of exert oneself to do sth is fierce, and both sides escapes avoid its sharp edge. Enemy if force, can send smooth ancon to chop its chin or frontal eminence. This tactics depends on using delicacy and maneuverability, restrain adversary, made bate.
13, ancon general
Be good at ancon attacking boxer, no matter advocate attack forcedly what go up continuously is fierce attack, or the firm of catch a weasel asleep is hit, same must proper close enemy, just can start ancon action effectively to strike a person. In the hard to avoid when boxer brandish ancon dish dash forward empty, in enrolling place easily for genu, the lose power and influence that extend energy of life is defeated. Will be opposite with ancon so battle, posture needs rigor, movable still leg is low kick block. Close criterion with brachial force sb to do one's bidding its activity, at the same time strong genu bumps into lumbar abdomen, enemy suffer tangle make cannot resist, ancon ability invalidation, be defeated to be attacked at genu surely under.
14, evil general
The generation with inferior heart of come across fierce, when contest opportunistic, ignore regulation, for example: Head touch, when ancon is being added to fall to press its neck or even more when clutching match of nose, wrestling with the hand, keep, injure a person with these treacherous movements, although stemmed from success heart, also have break just and exalted spirit.
Meet this kind of match, must cautious meet an enemy attack, defence appropriate, attack enemy current affairs is begged ringing have interest, do not suffer its state of mind of effect of act of breach of rules is stable, fight a quantity in order to pledge, hold good impression, the victory should be belonged to oneself have.
2. arena resourcefulness
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