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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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Experience and resourcefulness, the ponderosity that is arena decide the issue of the battle wants an element, in Thailand fist altar, veteran conquer is budding boxer, force is powerful person the example common occurance of the person that defeat Yu Zhigao, inside reason, mostly because of rich experience and comprehensive resourcefulness.
Experience is the treasure do not have valence that boxer exchanges with blood and sweat, peaceful boxer respects forefathers experience most accordingly, in fact of peaceful Chinese boxing develop, pure be accumulated for actual combat experience like that and become.
The resourcefulness of peaceful boxer, involve psychology, physiology and environment all planting element, final question, depend on boxer whether bosom friend telling the other, whether adapt oneself to changing circumstances, defeat sb by a surprise action. The path of get the upper hand of, want to be in enemy fist situation namely, search a weakness, give deadly biff, want to avoid to give the other side equal chance at the same time, so bilateral purpose as good as, all using the strategy, scheme, technique, bring up ” of opportunity of alleged “ gold. The boxer of old age, natural choice hereat: The novice with boxing dilettante age, although encounter this,good chance also can not hold in time surely.
So, no matter at contest before or when tussle, principal is psychology of slam the door and mortgage, only go ahead of the rest gets emancipatory on itself psychology problem, ability practices wholeheartedly, just can develop the technology at will when the match. The boxer with perfect unrest of state of mind, fight is differred surely, the heart of refuse to give in already frail, why Yan Sheng?
Thailand fist altar history go up, the biff when boxer of many new fighting spirit encounter veteran;burst;ulcerate;festers namely, the reason is cowardly at fame of the other side, not be ability and force inadequacy are actually enemy, be defeated however in psychological problem.
Thailand boxer often begins in the match before or when undertaking, represent a kind of adamancy, self-confident form with the eyes, the way one speaks or what he says, petty action, in order to increase burden of psychology of the other side, hit its vie confidence.
In physiology respect, the boxing coach with skill tall good experience reachs a coach, have among them knowledge, need before contest strong weak data issues hunting adversary technology or actual strength, conclude next proper strategy, cooperate calculated to practice, wu seeks the goal that achieves vanquish the enemy.
As to exploit an environment, desirable benefit at the objective element all round, aid personal vie. For example, on standard arena, boxer can be used surround a rope, borrow force to hit out, or borrow enemy rebounding force, try to atttack, unprepared person but by knockdown. Of field use, if be below outdoor arena phlogistic day,have the competition, have the boxing coach of experience, every can use sun way, bear day as far as possible and battle, your the other side suffers intense sunlight harsh, suffer a defeat thereby.
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