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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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Boxer still should know ascertain audience psychology, in breathing space, can draw the applause that takes audience support, in the meantime, show absolutely obedience and respect to juridical beard, strive for good impression, these fine craftsmanship, often make a boxer is on the match of a match each other in strength, because grant person impression You Jia, and the dominant position that wins grading to go up wins victory. Have more going all out when fighting, force enemy to actor of stage of him one party, be close to a coach thereby, listen to allocution. The other side has the feeling that knows to manage a spot as yet untouched by a political movement, on psychology and action hard to avoid is in an unfavorable situation. Most treacherous one law, it is in no time of the suddenly when confronting each other to by banquet, or raise one's hand points to an audience, offend enemy look attentively at, if enemy impolicy from, lizhongji suffers piece, in war nothing is too deceitful of it may be said.
Integrated boxer match wants criterion, have each bits more the following.
One, bosom friend telling the other
Before contest must preliminary and enough, lose the Chinese boxing gimmick of ascertain adversary, style, by force, deserve to be mixed with right amount training the strategy, at war play.
2, have equipment and battle
Before appearancing must sufficient warm up, must not with accept a challenge of deadlocked cold state. Use ceremony division ceremony, make flesh of body limb muscle, nerve obtains enough adjustment, so that can be made when fight hand to hand,answer adroitly.
3, avoid underestimate the enemy
Must face up to competence of the other side, fame is filled and cannot lose get victory confidence because of its. Same, although adversary seniority and prestige is more shallow,also do not answer conceited, anything but can carelessness underestimate the enemy, can bring about because of this state of mind ruined.
4, strive for first machine
Habit at the beginning namely full shift of foot of fist of put to good use or carry, obtain first machine, just can control war situation, more but confidence of abet strive for victory.
5, with ability
With enemy deal with must use skill, piece action when but make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place, multi-purpose theory action, hit repeatedly, make the enemy bemused be on guard hard. With action brandish want accurate, notice bash falls to belong to invalid blow for nothing.
6, avoid is doltish
Never make fixed target allow to be assaulted by the other side, notice is long attack the reason that leaves surely.
7, avoid is restless
Gas is filled impatient it is big fear of military strategist in ancient China, should careful and ad cool-headed fight, aggression is retreated defend, all want sober. Optimal wind model be already careful hearten.
8, attack prevent syncretic
The beard when wrestle always protects him weakness alertly, during atttacking, do not forget to defend, avoid lance enemy as far as possible an opportunity given by, alleged “ is corrupt get the better of do not know to be defeated by ” , appropriate is written down sincerely.
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