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Arena strategy and resourcefulness

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9, I enemy
Your the other side attacks frequency empty, can weaken its battle force and blow its confidence, when those ability is poor, criterion victory and defeat already was become finality.
10, expression of Buddhist monastic discipline
Appearance is aspirations bright mirror, attack in when getting hurt, do not of form at color, want to express rise superior to conversely. True ace not only can amount to do not use look field, OKer confused person of body spirit trends, mincing, capricious, send enemy Mo Neng differentiate its are true bogus.
11, avoid is hesitant
Boxer photograph is fought, avoid hesitates not definitely, have can attack an opportunity, also Zhui Zhui not before, be overcautious, have hard surely; Boxer root sex is jumped over to jump over suffering firm, more defeat heals strong.
12, not cherish enemy
Enemy if get hurt, 10 thousand cannot have sympathetic heart, opportunity of notice “ gold goes not answer the logion that answers ” , should main strive for victory, problem of safety of the other side, should close by judgment and its trainer consider.

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