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The full name arranges byname Mongolia king then
Level school of little Lin Wu of Beijing of delegation of 80 kilograms of class
1976-08-05 of ethical Mongolia birth date
178CM of height of native place Inner Mongolia
The arm exhibits 182CM to lie push 130 kilograms
Crouch 140 kilograms greatly to get the better of 0
Lose 0 KO adversary 0
The hobby reads a book, listen to musical coach Zhao Xuejun

Come loose dozen of king military successes
Zhejiang of conquer of the 38th week of match made the same score Yang Yoying physical culture school to thank Shang Fu to enter finals on November 9, 2000, lost in the 39th week of match on December 16 at Shaanxi emperor Fang Gaolei is obtained medicinal powder hit king contend for hegemony to surpass runner-up of 80 kilograms of class, be judged to be 2000 year “ to throw king ” quickly. The 26th week of match is medium on September 18, 2001 Wang Gang of courtyard of art of Dong Wu of conquer Hunan a surname promotes 8 strong. Guo Xianmin of Zhejiang of the conquer in the 33rd week of match promoted on November 13 4 strong. Liu Long of delegation of Zong Shen of Chongqing of conquer of the 37th week of match entered finals on December 4; Feng Jiang of Xue of Beijing of the conquer in finals obtained 80 kilograms of class to fall champion, quickly on December 11, 2001 king. The 1st week of match is medium on March 26, 2002 conquer Liu dragon, list 80 kilograms of step the 1st. Lost in the 6th week of match on April 30 at Xue Fengjiang of officer of military of China of Shandong Lai city. The 11st week of match is medium on July 2 courtyard of fierce of Songjiang of city of conquer Shandong a surname is princely high mountain. Wind of Xue of the seventeenth week of conquer is strong on August 13. 22 weeks lost Yu Xieshang's husband on October 1. Conquer thanked Shang Fu to enter finals on December 3, pay Yu Xuefeng strong.
Other combat gains
98 years Sino-US, medium Europe dual meet class of 81 ㎏, 80 ㎏ wins victory, 99 years of Sino-US dual meet 81 ㎏ match wins victory, attended Sino-US 2000 dual meet. 97 years 8 carry can come loose hit individual of 80 ㎏ class the 2nd, 98 years the whole nation comes loose dozen of tounament organization and individual 80 ㎏ class the first, 99 years the whole nation comes loose dozen of tounament organization and individual surpass 80 ㎏ level the first, the whole nation came loose 2000 dozen of tounament 80 ㎏ class the first, championship the 2nd; The Asian wushu championship contest that of the same age holds in Vietnam wins second place, 9 carry were met 2001 preliminary contest and countrywide wushu come loose dozen of tounament the first, finals the first. National champion surpassed champion 2002.
Growing experience
Grow in the from a child on llano to love Mongolia type tumble, 94 years accidental opportunity enters Inner Mongolia to come loose dozen of team up to now. Adore Jisaihan most.

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