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Yang Xiaojing

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Byname of pacify of dawn of full name poplar decides sea needle
Level Shandong of delegation of 85 kilograms of class
Ethical Chinese birth date 1981-09-03
191CM of height of Qingdao of native place Shandong
The arm exhibits 194CM to lie push 110 kilograms
Crouch 160 kilograms greatly to get the better of 25
Lose 4 KO adversary 3
Love is good-looking TV, play coach Di Shoutao

Come loose dozen of king military successes
2000 85kg above the 3rd. 2001, because adversary Shanxi Nie carries,smooth abstain from voting promotes 4 strong. Wu Song of delegation of cable of meaning of glad of Anhui of conquer of 7 weeks of matches recorded thirtieth on December 4 enter finals. On December 11 Henan of conquer of the 38th week of match 100 get the better of club Ren Yanbing to carry off 85 above kilogram class champion. Semifinals was lost 2002 at Zhao Zilong
Yang Xiaojing parted on October 31, 2003 conquer Wang Zhenhua, green division is happy obtain 85 above kilogram level beat a drum advocate challenge competence.
Came loose 2003 hit king contend for hegemony to surpass 85 above champion.
Obtained 03 year heavyweight to come loose on January 2, 2004 dozen of king
Other combat gains
1999 above of countrywide tounament 90kg the 5th, 2000 countrywide wushu tounament champion of 90 kilograms of class; 9 carry were met 2001 and preliminary contest of countrywide wushu tounament 90 kilograms of class the 3rd, 9 carry are met wushu comes loose dozen of final 90 kilograms of class the 2nd. The whole nation came loose 2003 dozen of tounament champion
Champion of 2003 Sino-Japanese dual meet
Growing experience
Began to accept 1998 medicinal powder hit training up to now, courtyard of Shandong province wushu is accepted now medicinal powder hit training up to now.

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