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Treasure power is high

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Charming of prairie of tall byname of force of full name treasure child
Level courtyard of body of Shaanxi of delegation of 75 kilograms of class
1980-10-24 of ethical Mongolia birth date
178CM of native place height
The arm exhibits 180CM to lie push 110 kilograms
Crouch 135 kilograms greatly to get the better of 48
Lose 6 KO adversary 5
The hobby sees TV coach Zhao Xuejun

Maxim: Does burn closely question dusk considers  of grave of  of だ of Mou of anxious silent of  vomit Jiao?
Come loose dozen of king military successes
Come loose dozen of king military successes: The 10th week of match is medium on May 27, 2000 conquer Yo flower Wang Xinfeng of physical culture school; Enter 8 strong hind lost in the 22nd week of match on August 19 at treasure of jade of boreal body center, on September 9 the 25th Zhou Zhong is lost at Zhejiang Zheng Yuhao. The 33rd week of match is medium on November 4 Li Ming of courtyard of conquer Wuhan body, but because integral is little,at Tong Zuxuan the hand fails to promote 4 strong. Guangxi of the conquer in the 31st week of match came loose on October 23, 2001 the Li Chenggang that make a group promotes 8 strong; Lost in the 33rd week of match on November 16 at the liberation army Pan Xianhua of delegation of firm beauty aluminous material. Lost in the 4th week of match on April 16, 2002 at Fosan Ji Hua Wang Tao of aluminous course of study, list 75 kilograms of step the 5th. Conquer Zheng Yu Hao entered finals on November 26, 2002.
Obtained the 3rd “ to come loose on December 31, 2002 dozen of king”
Beat Pan Xianhua, Guo Yunchao to gain 75 pound respectively on October 3, 2003 advocate challenge competence.
Obtained world freedom to strike on December 7, 2003 IKF gold chatelaine
Other combat gains
99 years countrywide wushu comes loose dozen of tounament organization the 5th, countrywide wushu came loose 2000 hit tounament individual the 3rd, 9 carry were met 2001 and countrywide wushu comes loose dozen of tounament preliminary contest the 2nd, finals the 4th
The 4th Sino-US contend for hegemony surpassed chatelaine of 75 kilograms of gold in July 2003.

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