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Qiao Xiaojun

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姓名 乔小军 绰号 百变雷神 级别 85公斤级 代表队 江苏 民族 汉 出生年月 1980-07-19 籍贯 江苏 身高 183CM 臂展 187CM 卧推 120公斤 深蹲 160公斤 胜 28场 负 4场 KO对手 10场 爱好 看书、写字 教练 于万岭 座右铭:激?of scabbard of Ke annals fade?Come loose dozen of king military successes Chang Baochen of courtyard of body of Wuhan of the conquer in the 30th week of match promoted on October 14, 2000 4 strong; Cheng Kai of Henan of the conquer in the 37th week of match promoted on December 2 finals; Li Dongmin of Shandong of the conquer in finals obtained king of champion of 85 kilograms of class, iron fist on December 16. Came loose on September 18, 2001 dozen of king Song Zhiping of Inner Mongolia of the conquer in the 26th week of match, yuan of firm beauty aluminous material exceeded liberation army of the battle in the 34th week of match on November 13 promotion 4 strong. Jiao Yangsong of fierce of China of Shandong of the 36th week of conquer entered finals on November 27; Ningxia of conquer of the 38th week of match came loose on December 11 the Wang Xuyong that make a group carries off champion of 85 kilograms of class, be judged to be ” of king of “ iron fist. The 1st week of match is medium on March 26, 2002 conquer Wang Xuyong, list 85 kilograms of step the 1st. Guo Kaiyang of Guangxi of the conquer in the 5th week of match is loose on April 23, 2002. Ji Hua of Fosan of Guangzhou of the conquer in the 12nd week of match is aluminous on July 9 Guo Hui of course of study. On July 30 Cheng Kai of the 15th week of conquer. Lost Yu Guohui on October 15. Conquer Guo Hui entered finals on December 10.
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