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Zhao Zilong

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姓名 赵子龙 绰号 无敌风火龙 级别 85 公斤级 代表队 北京少林武校 民族 汉 出生年月 1981-04-24 籍贯 内蒙古 身高 185CM 臂展 190CM 卧推 130公斤 深蹲 160公斤 胜 25场 负 5场 KO对手 11场 爱好 看书、写字 教练 赵学军 座右铭:激?of scabbard of Ke annals fade?Come loose dozen of king military successes Attended 2000, Chinese wushu came loose 2001 contest of dozen of king contend for hegemony. Wang Chenjun of star of Shaanxi of conquer of the 7th week of match is strange on May 7, 2002. Beijing of conquer of the 13rd week of match always was gotten the better of on July 16 strike Liu Erjun. Wu Song recorded 19 weeks of victory on August 27, 2002. Green division of conquer of 23 weeks of matches is happy on October 8. Conquer celebrated case Le Chuang to enter finals on December 3
Parted on August 22, 2003 peak of conquer plum iron, Pan Hao gains this level pound advocate challenge competence
Other combat gains Countrywide wushu came loose 2000 dozen of tounament the 3rd, countrywide wushu comes loose dozen of championship the 5th; 9 carry were met 2001 and countrywide wushu comes loose before making tounament preliminary contest 12, finals the 6th.

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