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Liu Hailong

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姓名 柳海龙 绰号 柳腿披挂 级别 80公斤级 代表队 解放军 民族 汉族 出生年月 1980-12-01 籍贯 山东 身高 176CM 臂展 180CM 卧推 100公斤 深蹲 160公斤 胜 52场 负 4场 KO对手 12场 爱好 看书 教练 翟寿涛 座右铭:譝u the Kingdom of Wei asks chaos of Li of captive grey  lotus root?Come loose dozen of king military successes On July 8, 2000 the 16th week of match Wei Tingfeng of celestial being " of Tie Di of " of Guangxi of conquer of advantage of the 3rd bout. Enter the 2nd phase after 8 strong round robin, go with Henan " god too protect Shanghai of " of courtyard of body of " Zhang Shun, Shanghai to chase after fetch sword " Zhang Hesong of " of fire of thunder of Gao Shunde and Hunan " is divided in 75 kilograms of class together 8 strong the 2nd group; " of Henan of the 19th week of conquer is magical on July 29 in first group match row too protect " Zhang Shun; Shanghai of " of courtyard of body of Shanghai of the conquer in the 24th week of match chased after Gao Shunde of fetch sword " on September 2; Zhanghe of Hunan of the conquer in the 30th week of match is loose on October 14 (because Zhang Hesong hurts waive the right) , liu Hailong not battle and get the better of, with accumulating 9 minutes to rank 75 kilograms of level identity of first of the 2nd group promotes 4 strong. After entering champion of the 3rd phase to contend for contest, area of jade of " of Zhejiang of the conquer in the 36th week of match is small on November 25 amount to rub circle of final of promotion of " Zheng Yuhao. The " of university of sports of Beijing of conquer of the 39th week of match is white on December 16 Yuan Yubao of eyebrow master " was obtained medicinal powder hit king contend for hegemony to surpass champion of 75 kilograms of class.
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