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China comes loose outline of dozen of special class education

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One, education purpose
(one) pass study, understanding comes loose dozen of basic theory, preliminary control kick, dozen, fall, take a skill, have certain self-defensive capacity.
(2) the spirit that education goes all out in work tenaciously, gritty volition.
(3) the practice that adopts wushu, make a student correct understand " healthy " concept, the student since shunt excitation is traditional to the motherland of culture have deep love for and develop its patriotism idea.

2, basic teaching material
(one) academic
1. Medicinal powder hit brief history
2. Medicinal powder hit a characteristic
3. Medicinal powder hit effect
4. Scathing precaution
(2) basic technology
1. Hand-type, pace, footwork
2. Boxing law technology
3. Leg law technology
4. Throw law technology
5. Aggression technology
6. Defend technology
(3) basic skill: Kicking, side is kicked, outside place a leg, in add up to a leg
(4) elementary tactics
(5) " college sports and healthy tutorial "

3, fitness
(one) general fitness: 100 rice, skip, pull-up / sit-ups.
(2) special fitness: The bag that hit sand, flap, fall drop etc.

4, proposal teaching a law
(one) the teaching method that uses diversification, arouse study interest of the student, make student by " passivity study " translate into " active study " .
(2) in education process according to " fewer but better, acquire a hand " principle, stress a focal point.
(3) special attention is individual in education difference, distinction is treated.
(4) want in education process by arrive easily difficult, after be being decomposed first complete, ability law should be highlighted attack prevent a meaning.
(5) academic tax explains wushu knowledge and regulation to wait, note example apply.

5, exam content, method, standards of grading
(one) academic part (10% )
Content: Knowledge of special foundation theory; Sports and knowledge of healthy foundation theory.
Requirement: Formulary time, take an exam in order to shut a form centrally.
(2) fitness (20% )
Content: One grade (below) : 100 meters.
2 grade (go up) : Jump short rope male 1 minute of 30 seconds, female 1 minute.
2 grade (below) : Male pull-up, female 1 minute of situp.
Standards of grading: See " fitness test grading is expressed " .
(3) special skill (40% )
1. Amount to mark (20% )
Content: Seat body proneness
Method: Suffer the person that try two legs unbend, bipod makes the same score pedal to check stringer board, sit on flat, bipod is made an appointment with apart 10, 15 centimeters, proneness thing upper part of the body, two arms unbend is forward, the finger tip in using two tactics drives cursor, until cannot before push till.
Requirement: Order of the register that press a point has an examination, unbend of the two legs when the test.
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