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Medicinal powder the refreshment in hand training trains

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Medicinal powder hand motion is in order to kick, dozen, fall wait for a technology bare-handed opposed project, antagonism is intense bear of vulnerability, motion is big, easy fatigue, accordingly, medicinal powder arrangement wants to restore to train in hand training.
Restoring training is to incite eliminate with what restore method and method reasonably to accelerate team member physical strength and mental exhaustion, the repair motion scar, vigor that restore and enhances airframe, to come loose of hand skill increase next dozen of bases.

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One, the sense that restores training
Come loose before the training research that hand training takes ability tactics seriously, and to coming loose the refreshment in hand training trains understanding inadequacy. The refreshment after training ends is basic it is to arrange its nature, restore by oneself, inactive treat, create bear too big, long-term keep long in stock, fatigue, pain cannot remove, skill cannot rise, the body is drilled bad instead, accordingly, medicinal powder scientific arrangement bear and the restore relation sense in hand training are very great.
Medicinal powder the body passes nervous, intense fist, foot to kick implementation hit training. Material of the energy inside body is used up necessarily decrease, generation is fatigue, airframe level falls, restore according to what athletic training learns to tell and exceed a quantity to restore a principle. After training ends, the body must get restore and exceeding measuring resumptive, make airframe level gets consolidating rising, to move next time training creates corporeal base. Medicinal powder hand training is meeting generation exhaustion not merely, because it is to kick, dozen, throw law waiting for ability to undertake opposed trains, still can produce athletic loss, if restore to train carelessly, still long successive big negative charge trains, exhaustion is accumulated, wounded muscle, joint cannot get restore, cure, proceed trains, can make a disease aggravating, go down for a long time to be able to cause a serious illness. A lot of coming loose hand athlete often is in spite of illness plays the game, affection of the injury after contest is aggravating, cause fitness and technical level to drop. If be used when training a few restore a measure, if massage, the method such as electrotherapy, make nervous muscle gets relaxation, remove metabolization product quickly, eliminate local pain, athletic life can be lengthened, skill can rise. So, want to master good training and resumptive relation scientificly, make athlete technology level can rise steadily.
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