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Time difference is coming loose those who hit the mark apply

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Origin: Qing Hui of Yang Xiaojun Tong publishs a person: Often play child hits: 8436 publish date: 2007-06-10 16:55:37

The idea that the summary plays time to differ to coming loose, time uses a key poorly link and how to master time difference to do through the exercise discuss.
Keyword time is wrong, medicinal powder dozen, aggression, defend,
Quotation is in like greased lightning like medicinal powder hit the mark, the spirit that the athlete is good at bravely, tenaciously going all out in work should be encouraged. Coming loose in hand match, a dozen bravery, 2 punch a hole, law of 3 dozens of bodies, 4 lighten. Courage is put in the first place, emphasize brave it is correct, but cannot act recklessly, can use clever body way, agile footwork, had mastered attack the time difference that prevent, ground of firm, firm atttacks the other side, the effect will be better.

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Coming loose in hitting training, the athlete likes to be in boxing law, leg law, throw a law to go up to make great efforts more, poor to time training is less.
What to discuss to call time difference below, the crucial link with wrong time and how to practice mastering time difference.
Medicinal powder hit time difference is coming loose namely dozen of aggression, defend, defend in each process that strike back, the time difference of mutual crisscross instant.
1 defended time is wrong
Party A aggression, party B from defend begin to contact the other side to perhaps dodge one of paragraph time difference.
Exemple: Armour straight boxing makes second head, second skill case is worn. When is case worn, the rate that case wears is fast, slow, this is crucial link. Skill is premature, rate is a bit rapid, the other side can change action change style, make second defends come to nothing, be attacked the 2nd times to hit by Party A. Because, party A delivers an a punch, didymous without compose still Party B is minatory, the skill with premature Party B comes in what armour waits in sky fist, right now of second medium, issue dish of occurrence sky to become, and attention is in centrally prevent on, two people are in what can hit each other locally, armour receives the leg since the fist quickly to atttack second medium, below dish, can hit. If Party B skill is too late, speed can be hit a bit slow. Armour aggression, second from make defend movement to osculatory Party A this paragraph of time is jumped over short better.
(1) armour takes mitt, make Party B head with straight boxing, when armour fist will contact second head, second skill case is blocked or use conceal, hind admire wait for a movement to dodge (15 one group) .
(2) armour holds club () of a sponge is wrapped on club, hit second pocket with different method the following place, when club should contact second body, second carries genu quickly or case is blocked defend (2mm a group of) .
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