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Medicinal powder shiver art generality

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One, what is to come loose shiver art?
Medicinal powder shiver art is the particular case according to match both sides, adopts for defeat opposite party plan and method. Come loose dozen of antagonism that the match is technical level not only, also be the argue of psychological volition and wisdom. Come loose outstandingly those who hit an athlete to be able to use him body function and technical specialty to restrain adversary is short, strive for the final victory of the match thereby.
Medicinal powder shiver art and technology supplement each other, the technology is tactical foundation, mastered adroitly only medicinal powder all sorts of hit basic technologies, ability uses all sorts of tactics neatly. Medicinal powder the training achievement of the respect such as the body that the action of shiver art depends on obtaining the athlete, technology, psychology, according to the particular case of match both sides, optimization ground undertakes be applyinged integratedly. Its core is " make a person and not person of be enslaved to be enslaved to " , create favorable situation, have the initiative counterpoises. As medicinal powder play sport gain ground, medicinal powder the level that plays the game rises ceaselessly, the technical level of the athlete in the match and contest skill force are adjacent with each passing day, the phenomenal drop off of condition of Chan Ping body and adversary of technical advantage conquer, effective tactics is adopted only in the match, develop better special fitness and technology adequately apply come out, ability gains the victory of the match. Apply tactics to be able to reduce invalid operation reasonably, having all in all effect to gaining the victory of the match. The education that shiver art comes loose in the meantime is right the training level of athlete body, technology, psychology and wisdom has bigger stimulative effect. For example, the exercise attacks tactics actively, can heighten the athlete's response
Speed, movement speed, displacement speed, increase the judgement capacity that the athlete waits for to opportunity, distance, education athlete is determined and decisive brave and tenacious character, be helpful for the full-scale development of athlete oneself technology, raise athletics level. Practice those who strike back tactics can raise an athlete defending defend ability, increase strike back consciousness.
Medicinal powder hit tactical training, above all should the tactical guiding ideology with correct establish, abide by medicinal powder the rule that makes a technology and agonistic regulation, pay attention to practical with address sex. The base that uses tactics correctly is to must master form of tactical principle, tactics and the condition that produce tactical effect. Consciousness should reflect good tactics to fall in complex and changeful condition, observe the condition on field actively, adapt oneself to changing circumstances, the tactics that decides oneself well and truly quickly acts, master the active advantageous position on field. Additional, tactical consciousness returns those who be mirrorred in the foresight of the action, movement to concealment a few respects such as the flexibility of gender, covert consistency, tactics.
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