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Medicinal powder the injury that hand athlete gets on personally and precaution

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The author uses a variety of research technique, investigation was analysed medicinal powder hand athlete injury and precautionary circumstance. The result shows: Artifice of? of the commission of every of Yun of joyous Qi of Chang twinkling class that bake and property of injury of; of leg ministry take second place are in the majority with spending parenchyma gently to injure, the motion like accord with syncretic injures a characteristic, acute is injured and close sexual injury holds great majority, and fracture, dislocation and damage of serious skull brain are scarce. Use strengthen training, raise fitness; science to arrange motion to measure; to master behavioral technology; correctly to notice warming-up in the round, strengthen protective help and medical affairs to supervise wait for a method to be able to have very good precaution effect.

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Coming loose in the fundamental training course of the hand, what plan as a result of training is not complete, the athlete's fitness is poor, or the psychological reason that is eager to hope for success, appear likely affection, be apart from in conditional fact especially, in comprehensive actual combat and match, as a result of the difference of level of ability, tactics, send one injury inevitable. If appear,motion is injured, team member emerges the education with attend normal and training, thereby the systematization of unwarrantable training and durative, of cloggy technology level and athletic success rise, serious meeting shortens athletic life. Visible, the prevention and cure that motion injures is coming loose important place is had in hand motion. If understanding is mixed,master medicinal powder the law that hand motion loss produces and reason, do good precaution, utmost ground decreases or can avoid athletic loss, make sure the political party of training and match undertakes thereby. In the meantime, trainer and athlete must master the processing that motion injures and cure method, thereby the after reducing motion to injure undesirable consequence of utmost, in order to make sure injury affection heals early.

(One) medicinal powder the injury with hand common motion and processing
1, abrade
Airframe surface and the skin surface layer that coarse object goes to to grind and be caused are damaged, call abrade.
The athlete is in when kick target, target practice or defying each other, instep, hand, arm, mouth, eye, bazoo appears likely abrade. If abrade area is lesser, can destroy with the new clean Er of 0.1% solution daub; If abrade area is larger, need to use the iodine of 2.5% and the alcohol of 75% to be all round cut disinfection, besmear of tampon of second birth physiological saline removes cut foreign body, wrap up with bandage next. Abrade is coming loose is very common in hand training, what thought to avoid or little happening abrade, warming-up wants sufficient, appliance should be checked to whether have damaged or foreign body before training, the arrangement that trains intensity and carry momentum wants progress step by step.
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