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Come loose dozen of contrast with movement of peaceful fist the art of attack an

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  One, leg law is compared go all out
No matter be of peaceful fist or China,come loose dozen, there are 34 kinds in what we often see on competition ground, medicinal powder hit main leg way has: Side kick, before after leg of pedal, whip is mixed, place; Main leg law has peaceful fist: Sweep anything away is kicked, toing step on, hind pedal, crocodile places end. Side kick is coming loose hit the mark have decisive place, often by people your for killer mace, the probability that kick of this kind of linear leg pours the other side is very big; Medicinal powder the sweep anything away of hit whip leg and peaceful fist very close, but the difference that has essence: One of, the osculatory point that kills and wound weapon place to use is different, medicinal powder hit with instep, and peaceful fist basically is the leg before using; Secondly, kind sending force is different, peaceful fist spreads out lumbar horse adequately, as be being chopped below stick sweep anything away, ax, extent is opposite for hit than coming loose big, the point that can say to go to carry everything before it; Medicinal powder hit whip leg is whippy like, trunk is whip lever, the leg is whiplash, leg back is whip tip, its speed is gotten more quickly than peaceful fist much, if smoke,go up in the face, did not fall, but from contrast with peaceful fist for power inferior a bit however coquettish! Whole world of peaceful fist sweep anything away relies on this ability already was the fact that does not dispute.

   2, ancon, life of peaceful fist all alone, medicinal powder dozen abandan
There is what ancon is weighed to all alone to be " in peaceful fist " , have the meaning of all alone life, often people talks ancon color to change, even someone says to endure 10 fists not to wish to eat one ancon rather. I rely on short peaceful fist hand the occidental that this ability defeats person tall Martha. And medicinal powder dozen abandan however, only its throw a law this alone door weapon redeemed how much dominant position.

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  3, genu, straight curved attack differs each
Although come loose now,is genu to attack a technology in peaceful fist, but consciousness of two kinds of the art of attack and defense in wushu and system differ completely, in peaceful fist match, genu is attacked is both sides of active aggression ability law is held in the arms each other tangle, transposition uses the occasion common occurance that genu attacks, the join forces generation that passes arm and genu is extremely strong bump power (band neck genu bumps) , case needs to block far from when the other side of attack having knee, hit ability and the method that cut genu with genu to resist by right of good beat back however the attack of the other side, with flying in what the place when exhaustion of the other side attacks genu can end a war instantly; Medicinal powder hit latter wrestle to although,be hit often genu beats each other, but basically be method of a kind of passive aggression, its genu is attacked send force union at the same time with the hand scarcely, cannot arise to provide power extremely at all strike join forces effect.
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