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Actual combat analysis: Cut [does wish fan oh does Jie food container compare

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Origin: Zhang Licheng achieves formerly publish a person: Often play child hits: 3567 publish date: 2008-05-23 11:43:03

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Classical movement takes this field to come loose from 2002 dozen of king 85 kilograms of matches, be opposite a both sides it is respectively: Diamonds " 100 change Thor " Qiao Xiaojun (diamonds of the following abbreviation) , black square " imperial order straps a knife " Song Zhiping (the following abbreviation is black square) .

Can see, both sides confronts each other, after entering aggression to be apart from, black square original intention is to think the petty action site that uses leg of opposite low side is kicked regard pry as the movement, after after waiting for adversary to react somewhat, be being applied again, hand straight fist atttacks head of the other side.
But black just give out in leg of opposite low side hind, because opponent is only right leg a little hind remove the intent that dissolved him, so the movement is done not have coherent come down, produced hesitant and wait-and-see phenomenon. When defensive position straight fist is given out, diamonds has had sufficient time to react rapid inflict strikes back. So, the passive situation that produces next is inevitable:
Very sober from beginning to end ground faces diamonds black square movement. Be in black when just using pry of leg of opposite low side, just remove right leg to sheer a bit instinctively black square, explain diamonds has very rich actual combat experience, not was the place of in advance movement of the other side to disturb, continue to watch the action at the back of adversary calmly. Black after square defensive position straight fist is given out, diamonds lowers his head to hide to strike back quickly afterwards.

Here has an important place to want to explain: Diamonds is in dodge when adversary straight fist is attacked, it is the body only a little left-hand rotation, truncal, head, neck is united in wedlock, little scope swung to sheer adversary aggression. Notice diamonds is in dodge while, the eye is the action that watching adversary from beginning to end. We are very much new player dodges in aggression of the other side when, head twist is too big, so that make adversary did not appear inside ken, this is a very big mistake! We can see peaceful fist hand people specialized training eye is not afraid of stimulation, do not dodge " spray is exciting " train, this has to us draw lessons from a meaning.
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