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Fistfight expert stalks or branch high. Chi Weiquan 4 economic wise move

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In wushu bound, two kinds of people can call an expert: One kind is triumphal person, one kind is the person that teachs a person to become winner.
Those conqueror often become the hero that everybody fixes eyes upon, but those coach they, is the person that helps them become winner also worth people to respect very much? I think should be such. The expert that the article introduced to have fistfight talent stalks or branch high · Chi Weiquan, he is wushu bound lieutenant general a magical train that the athlete cites to triumphal throne.
Since a few players obtain champion of match of culminating acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance to begin in those days, worldly circulating a legend news about Armenia wrestling coach. He judo kongfu is adept, once sufferred teach Yu Chuanji Er of Le Bei of · of character auspicious favour, because know kongfu of on 1000 kinds of fistfight to understand how to plant among them either adroitly,kongfu teaching gives anyone call at sb's house the person that ask for advice, he became famous person very quickly. "More and more people will look for me, want to learn military accomplishment to me, " Chi Weiquan says, "These person great majority are wushu player, want to learn how to go effectively fistfight. I teach them how to be attacked, how to capture adversary, how the enemy knockdown. How the enemy knockdown..
From early when begin, the well-known public figure of group begins to learn skill in wushu in Hollywood wushu house of Chi Weiquan. "I do not want to say their name. Because I do not know,do in that way appropriate. " he says, "I want to say only, a lot of people in them became champion, they come from Yu Quanmei and Europe. I think my job has result very much, I feel very glad for this " .
So what thing Chi Weiquan teachs them and to what thing Chi Weiquan teachs them and make they are interested so? "I teach them according to what experience knows me, " this wushu coach of 40 years old says, "Begin from judo, scuffle, tumble, it is the thing that those skill surpass a movement next, this also is I am in those who seek hard " .
4 way below, take one pace land you from the introduction will enemy till the enemy succumbs,Ko, these are Chi Weiquan's idiomatic before formidable opponent way.
One, seal larynx rear
Regard the fistfight of 21 centuries as the player, you cannot bureau be confined to knows behavioral itself only, chi Weiquan says, you besides the movement in wanting to know kongfu, know the constituent structure of kongfu even. You go only next hearts come imitate is actual one pace ground makes a motion, ability learns to use seal larynx like backside the very useful way in such tussle.
In the begining, want to grasp hostile left neck with your right hand, left hand captures his right sleeve. Abrupt, you pull him ahead, right leg sweeps the left leg to him. His half body is lost suddenly prop up, plus your pulling force, can make touchdown of double genu of his both hands, bend over to go up. At this moment, you overwhelm left hand immediately the lower part of his back, press him. Attention: Your right hand still should clutch his collar.
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