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Actual combat analysis: Does flavour of a unit of weight used in ancient China s

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Origin: Zhang Licheng publishs a person: Often play child hits: 2446 publish date: 2008-07-09 13:36:12

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China came loose on October 2, 2001 make pair of Thailand peaceful fists the final of 76 kilograms of class, in Chinese avant-courier team " a dark horse " Sun Tao (27 years old, height 178) with Mohammed of player of Sudan foreign aids - phenanthrene criterion (27 years old, height 194) between battle. In this match, the flexibility expression of Chinese player gets incisively and vividly, those who let phenanthrene criterion is OK hit two meters beyond two of adversary big long legs did not get what mark from beginning to end. The intense rate of the match is exceeded general, be worth to look.

This is the match the first bureau, sun Tao above all rise in revolt, leg of the pedal after exert face about, leg of the pedal after face about this movement, china comes loose hand website has made the introduction early, do not say more here. The humble of Sudan criterion immediately respond to a news, remove after deft ground, let Sun Tao plan to come to nothing. But, be opposite with him blast is China " a dark horse " Sun Tao. Police of this alive bound struck the 3rd boy is obtained only on contest, having the yellow race person spy some is agile. Phenanthrene is in after the face about that escapes Sun Tao after pedal leg, adjusted pace a little, the horse breaks off a leg to strick back below the face about that went up to use be used to with oneself, but here when, sun Tao uses left leg calmly to tackle this movement, the movement that allows phenanthrene criterion is out of shape unexpectedly, the force stopped suddenly!

Phenanthrene is on the world with masterly leg way celebrated! Two meters exceed after his double leg is opened, his coach grows according to his leg and withy good dominant position, the movement that after be decided to him and training the front to break off leg, face about to break off leg, high margin leg and face about, toes step on, try hard indefatigably through him, these a few movements already high degree of professional proficiency, apply freely. A few years, he picks Jin Duoyin in contest of fist of world of all kinds peaceful, extremely arrogant! On September 23, 2001, as a result of in peaceful first of team of the Thailand in the match suffer a defeat, especially sea otter of willow of team member of 80 kilograms of class of Chinese, lay Thailand choosing be out of practice actually throw away arena, let association of Thailand peaceful fist feel extremely deep disgrace! But the effect that suffers racial diversity, thailand lacks large scale to be had again quite the player of power, the advantage of phenanthrene criterion lets them shine at the moment, foreign aids, choose him!
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