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Strike antagonism doctrine of 6 big fight

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Strike antagonism is to show two people or the tussle that many person undertakes move, it is the person's spirit, body, skill 3 person argue, it is the most efficient way that suffer a defeat or subdues adversary, get of broad teenage friends love.

Strike antagonism can differentiate for bare-handed antagonism, appliance antagonism and bare-handed to appliance 3 kinds of forms. Can divide again by fistfight property it is 4 kinds big: The first kind is to belong to those who perform character to strike antagonism, in as traditional as our country wushu bare-handed or appliance is right experienced, because had woven already beforehand tussle movement, course and program, consequently tussle occasion although alarmingly dangerous is intense, but won't cause harm to the other side however. The 2nd kind is to belong to those who train property to strike antagonism, it is bilateral to consolidate craft strikes with what raise his level and the tussle that undertake. Because its purpose is to improve skill, so tussle movement is to be nodded commonly till, won't cause menace to the other side. The 3rd kind is belong to athletics property strike antagonism, its purpose is the match relatively ability, the technology that who sees is masterly and excellent. This kind of athletics has certain regular tie, and set certain safeguard, have certain restriction to technical play. The 4th kind is those who belong to street tussle property strike antagonism, this kind strikes is true fight closely fight hand-to-hand, also can saying to go up is unripe with dead argue, its purpose is inflict heavy losses on or kill and wound adversary. Above of all sorts of different forms strike antagonism is having the tussle battle way that differs severally, be in this to athletics property strike opposed war doctrine makes one introduction, offer reference of numerous tactics lover.

One. Grab study a law

Grab studying a law is to point to striking the try to be the first when antagonism moves to launch attack, common saying also is told " who strikes first prevails, the helper suffers disaster after " , the advantage of doctrine of this kind of war is the situation with the as sudden as lightning launchs violent attack suddenly, alleged multiply its unprepared, do with sb unconscious, make quickly enemy, made impossible to defend effectively. First and active attack can make adversary tightens urgent accept a challenge not just, busy blindly defend dodge, be in the position that passivity takes a beating, and still can give opposite party go up in the heart cause intense fear. Grab actively it is OK to attack the fistfight confidence of contusion adversary, the overbalance in made heart loses the will of tussle. Grab attack a law to be able to be applied already when athletics, in can applying the tussle at street again, can apply already before defying at striking, can apply again defy at striking in. Strike antagonism begins to initiate grab actively attack can hold strike active advantageous position, increase oneself confidence, the dash of contusion adversary, lay good foundation to beat conquer rival finally. Striking antagonism is grabbed mediumly attack what must notice an opportunity to hold, appear when adversary inactive when defending, the body suffers when scar is painful or hit out indecisive when, can start swift and violent ground to grab below these circumstances attack, at a dash conquer adversary.
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