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Shallow the false start in discussing fistfight course

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Li Xiaolong of generation great master says, outstanding false start is having very big coax sex and minatory sex. False start gets take seriously highly and be applyinged adequately in fistfight process, this shows his action cannot be underestimated. Any acts in fistfight process use the goal that reachs the person that the movement is carried out, just have a plenty of reflect directly, have a plenty of reflect secondhand just. False start is latter, it uses the end that reflects the person that carry out secondhand. Use beguiling adversary, drive the movement of his hand to you, leg, eye and body to make response. False start can make adversary is adjusted defend pose, the air that gives him is exposed to become in this process, make oneself take advantage. To slightly wave or one stamp and abrupt and vociferant wait, average person can react somewhat, this also reached use holiday action the purpose of dispersive adversary attention. When adversary it is one is anxious to gain victory, when the athlete that always considers active assault, false start is carried out it is easier to rise successful.

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In fistfight process, false start is applied successfully, the key depends on false start and the action that have charge whether looking identical as good as. One can successful apply " make a feint to somewhere and attack in another place " boxing hand of tactics, can control condition in actual combat, keep active everywhere. Because of this holiday movement by accepted it is the main a magic weapon that good combat gains obtains in striking, it is the token of the home of the art of attack and defense in wushu with masterly craft, also be the skill with veteran fist commonly used hand.

False start wants fast, want to have expressional strength, minatory power, changeful and accurate. False start is applied rising is empty it is solid should be without omen, accomplish random order about adversary. Apply the shift of the movement of the line of sight, hands or feet, body normally, it is countenance even, your adversary produces the false start of wrong judgement, these movements also are the high-quality goods in the false start that had examined via actual combat at the same time.

The introduction uses the method of a few kinds of false starts here.

In leg of the music in cautionary mood or fistfight advancement or music body. By alert move ahead in type or fistfight, quick curve foreleg knee joint quickly. This slight movement makes the person produces an illusion however, the arm that is like you namely then also wants forward like, and actually you are done not have forward. Next, when you are ongoing, chela is stridden ahead
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